BIGthinkin' presentations in the Delvinia boardroomOn Friday, June 11 the entire team here at Delvinia took time out from our busy schedules to do a day of collective BIGthinkin’ and come up with ideas to help raise awareness for The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association (TCTCA).

BIGthinkin’ day had been in the planning stages since early spring as part of our internal education series. We had originally planned to focus on an internal project, but the idea of working with a nonprofit proved to be a more popular choice. It turned out we had a worthy and interesting nonprofit close at hand, as a member of our team has been supporting a close friend who has been battling testicular cancer for the past several months. They had been seeking out a support organization and eventually were directed to the Kitchener-based TCTCA.

About The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association

The TCTCA was formed in 2003 by Cheryl Perry with the help of friends and family following the loss of her 18 year old son Adam to Testicular Cancer. On April 22, 2003 Adam was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Throughout the chemotherapy treatment Adam wanted to educate other young men about the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer. His dream was to go into schools and teach young men to not be afraid to tell someone if they suspected a problem in their testicles. Unfortunately just 7 months after being diagnosed Adam died on November 9, 2003.

The Communication Objectives

On Thursday a brief was distributed to the team and a Q&A session took place via phone with TCTCA-founder Cheryl Perry. Some great discussion points grew out of the Q&A and it was easy to see the wheels beginning to turn as the team considered the challenge.

BIGthinkin’ Day for real at 9:30am on Friday after breaking off into four groups. After a few hours of research, discussion and white boarding, the presentations started to take form. Video turned out to be a popular medium to work in. Storyboards were prepared, skits and PSAs shot and quickly edited. One group even took to the street to ask questions about testicular cancer awareness. It was great to see how the spark of ideas became fully-realized concepts in just a few hours.

We’re looking forward to consolidating the four concepts and presenting the ideas to the TCTCA in the upcoming weeks. You can check out a few of the photos taken on the day of the event on our Facebook page.

Contact the TCTCA

Phone 519-342-2562
Toll Free 1-866-898-7446
Website: TCTCA