We are pleased to share that Delvinia President and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Mast has been named the new Chair of the Board of the Canadian Marketing Association for 2020-21.

Read the full announcement from the CMA.

Featured below is an interview between Steve and CMA President and CEO, John Wiltshire, about the CMA’s vision for the future of the marketing profession in Canada.

A message from Steve originally published on the CMA on the what’s ahead for marketers. You can see the original post here.

What's ahead for marketers: A message from CMA's new board chair

I’m incredibly honoured to be elected as the next Chair of the Board of the Canadian Marketing Association.

My company and I joined the CMA in 2003. I first sat on the Customer Experience Council and from Day One, I was hooked. The people I met, the work we produced, and the fact that the CMA operates at a high level made me want to give more of my time to support the Association.

Since 2003, I have had the pleasure of sitting on many different committees, councils and the board of directors. I have been a part of the many of changes at the CMA: new conference formats, new councils, new programs (like the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation), new board governance model and new leadership changes. Over the years, I have seen the CMA continue to adapt and evolve to support the NEW modern marketer and Canadian marketing community in its entirety. 

Now, we are living through a global pandemic, which has changed the business and marketing landscape in ways we never expected. It’s been truly inspiring to see how the Canadian marketing community has responded. There are so many examples great of marketing agencies and brands re-tooling, volunteering and providing resources to support communities during the pandemic.

I’m so proud that from Day One, the CMA has been providing resources to support Canadian marketers. 

Programs like:

  • CMA Helps, outlining how the CMA is supporting marketers who are facing difficult times during the pandemic,  
  • Marketers Respond, showcasing innovative initiatives that marketers are leading through their organizations to support charities and address society’s needs during the pandemic,
  • Marketing Connected Hub, packed full of resources that have been provided for FREE by Canadian marketers, and
  • Marketing Connected LIVE, where John Wiltshire, the CMA’s CEO, talks to some of the brightest leaders in marketing about how organizations can innovate and prepare for recovery.

Given the current environment, I know it’s hard to think about the future. But marketing is, and will be, key to the recovery. After all, marketers are the innovators and change agents of business and are often the most adaptable leaders.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Canadian marketers on the global stage setting the standard for the NEW modern marketer. 

And the CMA, through its incredibly hard-working staff and volunteer workforce, have built a strong foundation to support that modern marketer. 

Programs like CMA NXT, the Charter Marketer designation and CMA Café, presented by Mastercard are all amazing examples to support marketers’ professional development journeys.

Despite the pandemic and the current business climate, I am confident in the strong leadership at the Board level. John, our CEO, and the entire CMA staff have been working incredibly hard to navigate through these times.

The CMA has a solid vision for where it needs to head in the next few years. I am excited to work closely with John and my fellow Board members on the CMA’s voice. After all, the voice of the CMA is truly the voice of Canadian marketing.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the CMA and the broader Canadian marketing community. Feel free to reach out to me with your questions or comments, or just to talk about the CMA and its future.    

Thank you … stay safe … stay well.