“Alive” at the heart of investing in the company’s structure, brand and positioning for the agency

Recognizing the light at the end of the tunnel in the global economy, Delvinia has taken the opportunity to invest in its future and continued growth in the digital space. As part of this preparation, the company is launching the Delvinia ‘reboot’. The reboot represents an investment in a new home, a new structure and a brand refresh that positions the company for the current growth at Delvinia today and continued demand for its unique blend of interactive, insight and data collection services.

At the heart of the launch is a strategy, dubbed “Alive”, demonstrating the company’s personality, its people and its culture. It also considers how Delvinia has spent the past decade building some of the best proprietary tools, interactive capability and a body of work that delivers tremendous results for its clients.

“We’ve redefined what being a Delvinian stands for,” said Adam Froman, CEO of Delvinia. “The reboot is about much more than our brand – it is about building recognition of what Delvinia has become as we build out our business. We need to be ready for what we expect will be significant growth in the next few years – and as the country comes out of the recession, now is the time to invest to ensure we don’t get caught flat footed.”

While the company continues to manage existing growth, 2010 is a year where Delvinia will aggressively raise awareness of the company’s unique offering. Delvinia’s new address and space was designed to foster collaboration and reflect the personality of its team. The space at King and Peter streets in downtown Toronto aligns with the company’s new visual identity; an environment conceived to further the agency’s imagination, instinct and experimentation. The space also features an interactive display at reception for visitors to alert the person who they are meeting that show’s off the company’s capability, in a fun and inventive way.

The company’s new structure allows clients to benefit from Delvinia’s deep insight, design, and innovative approach from experts across the team, breaking the stereotype for digital marketing firms. While Adam Froman remains CEO, Steve Mast becomes President and will drive the firm’s collaborative approach with data collection, analysis, user experience, social media and creative and design. Other moves include Ashira Gobrin’s promotion to Vice President, Managing Director Data Collection to be responsible for growing its market research client list and capability in online data collection, and Julianne Smola’s promotion to Vice President, Insight, to focus on fusing the firm’s capabilities together to deliver actionable insight and building out proprietary tools, such as Asking Canadians and its Insight Engine.

“The last ten years have been a tremendous learning experience in growing our firm, and we’re very proud of the company we have built,” added Froman. “Now we have to share with the world our distinctive combination of data collection, analysis, and award winning interactive design.”

The newly designed Delvinia website boasts vibrant colours and rounded text, and the new logo coupled with a dynamic experience that signifies a sense of community and vitality found within the Delvinia culture. The logo’s off-centre “i” for example, demonstrates the team’s dedication to imagination and intuition rooted in their corporate values.

The website uses the best practices of User Experience Design, based on the understanding of who will be using it most – prospective employees and clients. It provides a realistic sense of the senior team across all areas of the business and is geared to provide its core users with a clean, simple and effective experience.

“Our space and our structure underscore the organization’s commitment to the future growth of the Delvinia brand,” said Steve Mast, President of Delvinia. “We are well positioned to grow and thrive – our insight and understanding, interactive design capability and digital marketing knowledge have become an extraordinary offering in the marketplace – we have an exciting year ahead.”

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  1. Congratulations on the reboot! Delvinia has come a long way. Love what you did with the “i” in the logo… a complete 190 degree shift.

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