We are excited to announce that Virtual Panels, created in partnership with PersonaPanels are now available to our Canadian customers through our Methodify platform, as well as offering PersonaPanels services to our US customers. A number of Virtual Panels have been created, each of which is made up of Animated Personas – AI-models that are trained to mimic the behaviours, responses, and evolving interests of real consumers.

Animated Personas allow you to access consumer segments on a regular basis without the time delay of interview real-life people. Animated Personas are plugged into the Internet, reading thousands of articles from hundreds of websites every day, looking for topics that match their specific interests. Their interests evolve over time and grow in a way that mirrors actual human discovery as they are exposed to thousands of news and lifestyle articles.

When you submit your marketing message or product idea to a Virtual Panel you will receive an interest score from each Animated Persona you’ve selected.

Animated Personas can be used to monitor emerging trends and to predict interest in messages or new product ideas in hours instead of weeks. The Animated Personas within the Virtual Panels represent different generational segments. For instance, within the Virtual Millennial Panel there are Family + Home Millennials, Financially Driven Millennials, Health Focused Millennials, Mature and Settled Millennials, and Active and Involved Millennials. Each of these represent different interests within their generational panels.

To request a demo of the new Virtual Panels method as a Canadian customer, visit here.

To request a demo as a US customer, visit here.