We are pleased to announce that CRIS by Delvinia is a 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner in the Product or Service category from Business Intelligence. These awards recognize those organizations, products and people who bring AI to life and apply it to solve real problems.

CRIS by Delvinia is our AI-powered Virtual Moderator. It enables participants to take part in text-based interviews wherever they are and whenever they want, eliminating the typical barrier of scheduling conflicts and increasing the scalability of the qualitative study.  CRIS follows up and probes for more detail just as a moderator would, creating a safe and comfortable experience for participants. This combination helps companies get deep insights three times faster and at three times less cost than traditional qualitative research methods.  We believe it is transforming the way the market research industry is approaching qualitative research, and are proud to have that recognized in the AI Excellence Awards.

You can learn more about the awards and see the other winners here. If you would like to know more about how CRIS works, you can check out our case studies.