Connecting the Dots

As more and more technology-driven products and services become more easily obtainable by the mass consumer group and no longer privileged just for the elite, the rate of change to our way of life continues to accelerate.  As a result, the customer journey of your target audience is not only continually changing to account for new touchpoints but it is also becoming more and more individualistic.

I’m not stating anything new here when I say that consumers’ attitudes and expectations are changing as a result of this ability to custom tailor their brand journeys.  We all know this, but their attitudes and expectations are changing faster and faster as technological advances open up more and more options to them.  How is your organization currently dealing with this change?  Are you innovating reactively or proactively?  I hope you said the latter.  If not, we need to talk.  But first, watch this video:

What is innovation? from Rafa Galeano on Vimeo.

If you aren’t yet dealing with change proactively through innovation I bet you’re thinking, “But Ashley, how do you set up your organization today to be ready for this future individual customer journey?”  Well, the simple answer is to find your innovation dots.  And, from my more than a decade of experience, when you’re too close to a brand, product or service it is hard to see the potential that lies beyond.  That’s where we, Delvinia, become your strategic partner.

We have purposefully staffed our teams with subject matter experts and futurists.  We have armed them with our successfully proven methodology – Insight, Strategy, Action.  We take turns hosting Lunch ‘n’ Learns to present and discuss successes, and failures, in order to learn and grow together.  We foster an environment of sharing what’s new, what’s intriguing, what’s inspiring.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because it’s for these reasons that we are able to see the dots.  We are skilled at knowing where to look to discover ideas, possibilities and unexpected connections for your organization. The things we do have been designed and structured in a specific order to lead you, with us, to the right innovation solution; whether it is for right now, tomorrow or years into the future.

We love finding and connecting dots.


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