Delvinia Dig Vol 1: Managing the Hype – The Reality of Mobile in Canada

The number of Canadians purchasing smartphones may be rising, but an overwhelming number of Canadians continue to use their mobile devices for the most basic functions – texting and taking pictures, according to Delvinia Dig, a quarterly report on the digital behaviours and attitudes of Canadian consumers. In fact, according to Managing the Hype: The […]

Google Mobile – The Future is Inside the Browser

Last week at Mobile Monday Toronto, Alex Nicolaou, Engineering Manager and Punit Soni, Product Manager of Google gave everyone a glimpse into their  insights on the mobile web. They referenced the rapid transformation of the mobile landscape in three areas. 1. The Hardware: Users now have access to faster, more powerful smartphones. In the 80s the […]

You've got that malware feeling

My apologies to The Righteous Brothers. Lately I’m being tasked on a frequent basis to get rid of someone’s new infection of rouge “anti-virus” malware.  To say the least, these are pesky pains in the posterior to get rid of.  Each time I diligently tried to track down where the infection originated, I was given the same type […]