Understanding Guest Preference and Insights

How Harvey’s used Methodify to better understand which Burger innovation concepts (Limited Time Offers) their customers really wanted

Research Challenge

Harvey’s is one of the most popular Canadian burger chains. It is known for their value proposition around customization where guests can top their burgers, their way. Their team wanted to make sure that their new Limited Time Offers (LTOs) would truly reflect what their customers wanted to see, but how best to do that in a time and budget conscious manner?

“Setting up the study on Methodify was easy. In no time at all, I was able to clearly see which LTOs resonate better and would drive the most traffic to our locations.”
Shalin Shah
Sr. Manager, Marketing, Harvey’s

Research Solution

The team at Harvey’s was referred to Methodify by Delvinia to help solve this research challenge. They utilized Methodify’s monadic concept test with targeted sampling,  which ensured participants were engaged in the category. They were able to test 6 different options for LTOs using this method, and embed them into their yearly marketing planning. Methodify was able to not only provide the right testing method, but have it easy to set up and ready to use quickly, as well as deliver results within a matter of days.



By using Methodify, the Harvey’s team were able to gain clear and actionable feedback on the six different LTOs under consideration. Their ability to gauge reactions from current Harvey’s customers, as well as the likelihood to drive uptake from competitive customers, was improved. The team was also able to understand potential differences among different regions, and properly address them.

Thanks to the insights delivered by this project, the team at Harvey’s were better able to prioritize and support the offers. Not only was the project easy to set up and fast to deliver, the results were displayed with a clarity that made it easy for them to identify the data points required to make decisions.

They continue to look for opportunities to expand the use of Methodify across more stages of their creative development process in order to keep the customer-centricity that sets them apart at the heart of everything they do.


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