Using AI to Tap into Emotional Drivers
of Healthcare Providers

How Fine Research utilized CRIS by Delvinia as input to a large-scale quant study on the impact of COVID-19 across Latin America

Research Challenge

Fine Research, a leader in market research in Latin America, was launching a large-scale quantitative study to understand healthcare professionals’ perspective on the pandemic across Latin America. They wanted qualitative insight as input to the questionnaire to ensure that the project would be able to examine the problem from every possible angle, but this was proving challenging. Time was of the essence as this pro bono research’s main purpose was to contribute data and evidence to support the general public, HCPs and decision makers, but these tight timelines did not allow for traditional qualitative research.

Research Solution

To solve the qualitative challenge, Fine Research turned to CRIS, an AI enabled virtual moderator that is able to conduct interviews with participants in a text chat format. Fine Research had doctors from Brazil in their Latin American physician panel participate in short individual interviews with CRIS. These interviews were able to be conducted anywhere and any time that suited the participating doctors, and Fine Research got the results within a few days.


By using CRIS, Fine Research was able to conduct qualitative interviews with over 80 doctors in just 5 days. The speed and scale of the tool allowed them to reach their project goals, but there were additional unexpected benefits. The interviews with CRIS unveiled important emotional dimensions. For instance, Brazilian doctors were having a difficult time calming the anxieties of their patients surrounding the pandemic, an insight that would have been difficult to derive from a purely quantitative survey. Additionally, the specific kinds of fears physicians were experiencing became apparent and these insights are extremely valuable in supporting healthcare professionals.

The participant experience was also extremely positive, with 71% of the doctors rating their experience with CRIS “Very Good” or “Excellent”.

Results from the qualitative phase with CRIS informed the quantitative survey which included over 10,000 healthcare providers across Latin America. This study was a pro bono initiative spearheaded by Fine Research in association with Dynamed, ESOMAR Foundation, and Save the Children.


COVID-19 People Insights: A new lens to understanding the drivers of COVID-19 vaccine demand and hesitancy.

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