Taking CRIS by Delvinia One Step Further

We are pleased to announce a further innovation to our AI-enabled virtual moderator, CRIS. CRIS has been adapted to provide support to Methodify by Delvinia users by using its conversational capabilities to understand a user’s question and return the most appropriate answer with a link to more information in the existing knowledge base. This new […]

Supporting MREF’s Race Around the World to for Access to Education

We are pleased to share that Delvinia’s sponsorship and participation at the Market Research Education Foundation’s “Race Around the World” campaign has helped them surpass their donation goal of $100,000! This 25,000-mile race began June 1, and brought together individuals across the market research industry. Together, we logged the miles we walk, bike and run […]

Delvinia + CAMH Open Data Project Surpasses 1,000 Users

In May of 2020, Delvinia and the Centre for Addiction and Mental health (CAMH) came together to run a study on the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health and substance use of Canadians. What made this project truly unique, however, is the decision to make all of the data completely available to the public, […]

The First Step in Agile Research

What’s the first step in making changes? You know this one. Are you thinking… Understand where you are today? If you are (and you’re clever so we know you were), then congrats! Before you can really implement any kind of big changes, whether in your life or your business, you need to have a good […]

CRIS by Delvinia Named Winner in 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards

We are pleased to announce that CRIS by Delvinia is a 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner in the Product or Service category from Business Intelligence. These awards recognize those organizations, products and people who bring AI to life and apply it to solve real problems. CRIS by Delvinia is our AI-powered Virtual Moderator. It […]

Delvinia Advances AI for Virtual Moderator

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to CRIS, our AI-enabled virtual moderator. A key differentiator of the product is that it replicates a true moderated experience. CRIS behaves as a moderator would, by establishing focus, engagement, and empathy. This results in a more engaging experience for participants, and richer layered data for clients. To […]