AskingCanadians™ Launches Specialty Panel with SavvyMom

AskingCanadians™, a Delvinia company, today announced a partnership with SavvyMom Media to create a branded online research community composed of Canadian moms with young children.

SavvyMom Media, which operates, a website and e-mail newsletter focused on delivering parenting solutions to busy moms, and AskingCanadians™, an online data collection firm established in 2005 with a panel community of 160,000 Canadians, are partnering to create the SavvyMom Research Community in AskingCanadians™­­.

The partnership enhances the AskingCanadians™ specialty panel of moms with kids and provides SavvyMom with a best-of-breed research community where members will have the opportunity to share their opinions and influence Canada’s top brands—all while earning rewards like Hbc points, Aeroplan Miles and entries into draws to win great prizes.

“We’re excited to announce this new partnership with SavvyMom, which has created a highly engaged group of Canadian moms that actively share their opinions,” said Delvinia CEO Adam Froman. “The creation of the SavvyMom Research Community in AskingCanadians™ will not only enhance our community with the addition of a highly desirable audience for researchers, but it will create an environment where moms with kids can provide feedback on consumer goods and services while knowing that their privacy and personal information is protected.”

The partnership will also provide SavvyMom with the means to gather feedback from members and gain a deeper understanding of its audience. This initiative is an example of how Canadian brands can build communities within AskingCanadians™.

“We considered building our own community panel but the cost was prohibitive. Creating the SavvyMom Research Community in AskingCanadians™ was a cost-effective solution that provides us with enhanced value,” said Sarah Morgenstern, Publisher and Co-founder of SavvyMom Media. “Not only does AskingCanadians™ have the technical platform; it also has the privacy policies and the community management capabilities that will allow us to build our community efficiently and keep our members engaged in giving their opinions. AskingCanadians™ understanding of the research market combined with our access to the Canadian mom community promises to be a powerful combination.”


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