Can traditional market research keep up with the need for speed in today’s digital environment? And how can agile, automated market research help health systems accelerate their process? In the new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends article, our President & Chief Innovation Officer Steve Mast discusses how Methodify, a Delvinia company, enables organizations to collect feedback and insights quickly.

Traditional market research processes are failing to meet the demands of organizations due to long process timeframes, scalability and scarce resources. Methodify, with its automated capabilities and affordability, purports to solve these challenges, enabling customers to conduct market research faster and at a lower cost. “The number-one thing that gets everybody excited about this is that we’ve taken a four- to six-week process down to 24 hours,” says Steve.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

When organizations want to test the waters before spending lots of money to launch a brand or develop a new ad campaign, they turn to market research, hoping to eliminate as much of the guesswork as possible. But the game has changed in today’s fast-paced, technology-oriented environment. Even market research industry insiders acknowledge the challenges. A GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) report revealed that one of the biggest obstacles market research professionals face is dealing with customer expectations:

To take a closer look at how Methodify has helped two Canadian healthcare organizations accelerate their research process and turnaround time, visit eHealthcare Strategy and Trends.

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