Over the last 21 years Delvinia has focused on stimulating innovation through R&D and solving business problems using digital technologies.

2003 - 2007

The other major R&D project saw Delvinia become the first organization in Canada to collect data on citizens’ attitudes and behaviours towards Internet voting, offered as an option in Markham for the first time in 2003. Adam and Steve Mast, who had joined the firm in 1999 and became an equity partner in 2006, developed a strategic plan for the next three years with the theme, Growing through Innovation. The company’s R&D initiatives have always been at the core of their vision.

In 2005, Delvinia launched the AskingCanadians online research panel, which has since grown to become the leading online research community in the country. During the next few years, we brought on new clients such as Manulife, Dynamic Mutual Funds, Canadian Blood Services, Four Seasons, the Canadian Opera Company, Random House of Canada and Scotiabank International.

Our data collection business brought new research clients, too, including Research International and Millward Brown. Delvinia trademarked the term “digital customer experience” and established a more integrated strategy for the future. The firm also split its operating entities into Delvinia Interactive and Delvinia Data Collection, both under the banner of the Delvinia Group of Companies.



With the digital industry still at a near standstill, our work focuses on two major R&D projects funded by Canarie’s Advanced Research in Interactive Media (ARIM) Fund. The first is focused on determining the impact of broadband on market research, which results in the development of our AskingMedia™ online testing tool.

The second project involves assisting the Town of Markham with their voter outreach to introduce the option of online voting in the 2003 Municipal Election. Markham becomes the first major municipality in Canada to introduce Internet voting in a binding election and we collected insights to understand the impact of Internet voting from the voter’s perspective.


Delvinia’s work with Plan Canada (formally Foster Parents Plan) wins first prize in the inaugural Sympatico/MSN Charity Design Competition. As part of the prize package, Foster Parents Plan receives $50,000 worth of online media exposure on Sympatico.MSN.ca and Steve and Adam win a trip to the Cannes International Advertising Festival.


With help of IRAP funding and SREDs, Delvinia develops its Insight Engine, the first profiling of digital behaviours of Canadians. The Insight Engine allows us to understand the digital behaviours of Canadians by simply overlaying their postal code, revolutionizing the way we provide digital strategy services to our clients. We also begin licensing our Insight Engine data to Generation5 and Environics Analytics.

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