The rules of business as they applied 3 months ago have disappeared, and never has there been a better time to re-evaluate the processes and procedures we have in place.  This is especially true for your research process. We’ve put together 3 good reasons to re-examine your research process now.

1. Feedback is more critical than ever.

The opinions and behaviours of consumers are changing as rapidly as the situation with COVID-19 is, and your business needs to keep up. Whatever choices you are making as a brand, you need to test them with your audience. When was the last time you looked at your research process? If it’s been a while, you may find that things that worked in the past, may not work as well now. Critically, you need to ask if your current process is allowing you to test absolutely everything you do? If it isn’t, then it is time to look at new solutions that will enable you and your team to do so.

2. Agility is vital.

Despite the temptation to stop research during this unprecedented time, that won’t help your business in the long run. What you need is the ability to provide value to your audience – and in order to do that you need to be agile. Every day new data comes out that impacts the lives of people and what they think about the world they live in and the products they use; if there was ever a time to test iteratively and be agile, this is it. Testing regularly and adjusting as needed ensures that when your project goes live, it will be received with positivity. Does your current process allow you to be nimble, and get data at the speed your business requires today and in the future?

3. You need to do more with less.

Even if your business hasn’t taken an enormous hit, everyone is trying to tighten up budgets wherever possible. If your current research process is enabling you to meet the above two objectives, but is costing you a fortune, you aren’t likely to be utilizing it the way you need to be. Additionally, you can add value to your own role by providing crucial insights without adding to your workload if your research process is set up correctly. Protect your brand by finding a solution that will allow you to test everything with a quick turnaround, at a price that is manageable.

Taking this time to re-evaluate your current research process just makes good business sense. You need research more than ever, and you need it to do more than ever. Ensuring the systems you have in place are set up to allow you to do that really means you are ensuring your success for now and into the future.