Webinar: Managing the Hype: The Reality of Mobile in Canada

This webinar was presented on November 23, 2010. Due to an unfortunate error, the first 10 minutes are missing from the recording. You can view the missing slides in the embedded Slideshare presentation below.

Mobile is the future however, we are in the early stages and marketers and businesses need to manage our expectations in order to make the most of this emerging technology. We compared the behaviours of 4 consumer groups in the Canadian marketplace: Millennials aged 18-30, Gen X aged 31-44, Boomers aged 45-65, and Canadians 65+.

This presentation covers how are ‘Canadians’ are using their mobile device?

  • Smart phone ownership & usage
  • GPS awareness & usage
  • Mobile Apps – type & usage
  • Mobile camera – high usage, lower sharing
  • Mobile games – usage