CMAinsights Conference: Bridging the gap between data and insights

Bringing together the science of data and the art of marketing is the focus of the CMAinsights Conference being presented by the Canadian Marketing Association on March 10th.

Raj Manocha, our Executive Vice President, will lead a roundtable discussion at the event, which takes place at Arcardian Court. The discussion will attempt to answer the question, can technology bridge the insights gap?

Here’s a preview of the session:

The velocity at which the marketing industry is producing content has never been greater. Marketers and data practitioners require insights faster than ever before in order to weave together the perfect story for both internal stakeholders and the marketplace.

With the multitude of new tools to produce insights and analytics that are available in the marketplace today, what is the future role of the marketer and data practitioner? How can they collaborate to bring together the art of marketing and the science of data? Do these tools help or hinder when it comes to weaving together a great story?

Raj will facilitate a discussion on the role of research automation technologies and how they impact the ability to obtain a more holistic view of the consumer, secure executive buy-in, break down organizational silos, and ultimately build more effective marketing campaigns.