Looking Ahead: Optimizing and Innovating Customer Experiences

The Labour Day weekend signifies the end of the summer. The kids are going back to school, rush hour traffic resumes and companies are getting back to speed for the fall business cycle.

At Delvinia, the summer months have turned into one of our busiest periods of the year. And while we continue to focus on our client work, we also try to use the summer to think through some of the major initiatives we want to pursue as our company continues to grow and evolve within a changing digital landscape.

One of the big areas we’re focusing on this year is working with our clients to help them use digital technologies to optimize, or find ways to innovate, the customer experience they provide. It wasn’t long ago when the majority of our work was driven by helping our clients anticipate the impact of various digital platforms such as social media and mobile technologies.

Now, we have reached the point where even the consideration of digital technologies has been overtaken by the fact that most of our clients simply accept that digital is a fundamental part of any customer experience strategy. During the past few months our clients have been leveraging our CX programs (e.g. Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Audits and Remote Usability Testing) to optimize and innovate the customer experiences across their businesses.

The sophistication of being able to integrate near-real time data analytics, customer listening tools, voice of the customer platforms, and the visualization of data will help organizations to transform and become truly customer-centric. And, as I have said in many of my presentations this year, the digital age has matured and we are now entering the age of intelligence.

The summer months have helped us to identify the continued evolution of our company to ensure that we remain a step ahead of our clients so that we can not only advise them on how this changing landscape will affect their business, but to understand digital customer behaviours so that we can work with our clients to create, adapt or enhance their customer experiences to drive growth.

In the coming weeks and months we will be using our blog to share some of the ways the Delvinia team is helping our clients better understand how technology is affecting consumer behaviour. We will also be sharing our point of view as we observe how other organizations are keeping up with the digital consumer.

I hope that you had a great summer, and while I may be showing my age, every time we reach the Labour Day weekend, the “Back to Life, Back to Reality” lyrics from Soul II Soul’s 1989 hit song start playing in my head.

We’re looking forward to a very exciting fall at Delvinia.