In the News: Safeguarding Your Brand on Social

StarBusinessIn today’s Toronto Star, business reporter Ashante Infantry reports on the recent hacks on the corporate Twitter accounts belonging to Burger King and Jeep in the story, “Brands like Burger King advised to respond quickly to hackers.”

Delvinia’s Steve Mast spoke to Infantry for the article and commented on how companies can safeguard their brand on social.

Steve said he advises brands to institute social media guidelines and training, internal controls, and a response plan to avoid winding up in “panic mode.”

He also told the newspaper, “With social, you can never be asleep at the wheel. From a management perspective, you get a little nervous when these things are out there, but we’re living in the new reality. Brands have to be really open, really transparent, get all over it right away. If you can’t pull it down right away, there are other communication vehicles that you can use to communicate to your customers.”

To read the full article, visit the Toronto Star‘s website.