Delvinia’s Halloween haunted house competition: Vote for Hotel Delvinia

To celebrate Halloween 2014, Delvinia and AskingCanadians decided to host a friendly Haunted House competition between two teams headed by our senior management. The challenge: to decorate the Delvinia and AskingCanadians offices and create a two-minute uncut video documenting the haunted house experience.

The team that produces the video that receives the most likes and shares through our social feeds, wins the competition. The prize: bragging rights—and the opportunity to throw a pie in the faces of the opposing team captains. (We’ll have photos of that later!)

Our Hotel Delvinia team is headed by Steve Mast and Raj Manocha while our Addams Family team is led by Adam Froman and Rosalina Lin-Allen.

Here’s a look at the Hotel Delvinia video. To vote for this video, click the icons on this page to Tweet, Like or share this post on Google+ or LinkedIn. We’ll announce the winner before the end of the day.

View the opposing team’s Addams Family video here.

Happy Halloween!