Everything Is a Screen as Microsoft Imagines Future Productivity

Microsoft Office Future ProductivityIf I can offer one piece of advice for people looking to invest in future needs, it would be this; invest in screen cleaning fluids and wipes. Soon everything from your coffee table to your kitchen counter and the wall in your living room will have screen capabilities.

Screens are both shrinking and growing, but they are also becoming thinner, mobile and more powerful everyday. Projection and surface technology are evolving quickly to enable the kind of interaction imagined in the video I’ve embedded above from Microsoft Office Labs.

It’s been almost ten years since we watched Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report interact with hologram projections both as a participant and as a target of personalized advertising. Now interactive digital screens are everywhere around us, from bathroom mirrors to interactive Out-of-Home advertising and information systems that can respond to gestures, voice or input from personal mobile devices.

People carry smartphones and tablets that easily eclipse the computing power of personal computers from just a decade earlier and feature applications that augment their productivity, providing instant communication, and allowing them to connect and interact with personal and public data stored in the cloud. It’s possible that you may even be reading this post on a mobile phone or tablet.

Microsoft’s video walks us through a day in the life of people from around the globe as they collaborate on projects, or search for an apple pie recipe for the school bake sale. They easily move their work from personal screen to shared screen and even to the space around them.

Can you imagine how your daily life will change when we are freed from our traditional screens?