Enhancing the Customer Experience: Manulife Financial Updates its Mobile Packing App

Last year at this time we successfully introduced Manulife Financial into the Canadian mobile market through the launch of its CoverMe™ Packing App for iOS devices. To continue the momentum, we analyzed six months of customer feedback, reviews and application user data to recommend a series of new features designed to enhance the customer experience further, and to address their vocalized wants and needs of the Packing App.

Working closely with the Manulife Financial project team, we adopted a customer-centric approach to develop and integrate features that would provide full service to users. We wanted to have the ability to service the app users from their trip planning stage through to enabling them to capture their memories in real time while travelling as they happen. We also wanted to adapt the application to tap into known customer mobile behaviours; therefore we built in the ability for users to share these moments socially with friends and family.

The application upgrades included features such as:

  • Additional Travel Tips for our avid adventurers;
  • More Packing List Templates for users to select from to make packing quick and easy;
  • A Check-in and Bookmark feature for destinations around the globe so users can track where they have been, and where they want to go next;
  • Popular Places feature for the spontaneous travellers to help suggest places to go and see close to their current location;
  • Incorporation of a Get Directions feature to help users navigate their way through foreign locales;
  • Robust Journal feature with Photo upload and Facebook Friends tagging capabilities to capture memories in the moment;
  • Integration of Facebook and Twitter to allow users to share their travels with friends and family.

We, and our client, are very excited about the upgrades to the CoverMe™ Packing App, which is a great example of a branded utility that helps and supports customers in their everyday lives.

By listening to the audience we were able to identify the best strategic upgrades to an existing application, and implement them in a short period of time. For more about the App, see the Manulife Financial press release, issued yesterday, or read the case study in the Work section of our site.

The updated CoverMe™ Packing App is available for download in the Canadian iTunes App Store.