Delvinia’s Internet Voting Report Gets Radio Play in B.C.

Delvinia’s DIG report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement got some airtime on a radio station in Victoria, B.C. this week.

On Thursday, Nicole Goodman, a PhD candidate specializing in Canadian political institutions and alternative voting methods and the principal author of the report, spoke to Frank Stanford of CFAX 1070.

Nicole talked about the Town of Markham‘s experience with Internet voting in the 2003, 2006 and 2010 municipal elections and pointed to the fact that there has been overwhelming satisfaction and support for Internet voting among those who used the option to cast their ballots.

“There is definitely a large public support for Internet voting at all levels of government,” Goodman said during the radio interview.

The DIG report—based on our involvement in three consecutive elections—provides a comprehensive review of Canadian attitudes toward Internet voting in Canada, demonstrates how Canadians are embracing digital technologies to interact with government and illustrates why Markham is the ideal pilot site for Internet voting in future federal and provincial elections.