Delvinia-Designed Website Launched by Ivey Publishing

Ivey Publishing, an extension of the Richard Ivey School of Business, is a world leader in business case production and distribution. The organization’s website,, is its primary promotion and sales channel to its worldwide audience.

Faced with a shift in client behaviour and a desire to grow the company, Ivey Publishing called on Delvinia to redesign the site to make it easier for customers to search for materials and more convenient to order case studies. To shape the website strategy and design activities, Delvinia engaged the end users throughout the life cycle of the project, developing a series of consumer profiles based on interviews conducted with internal stakeholders and Ivey customers from around the world.

“The improvements to the site are rooted in an understanding of the digital behaviours of Ivey Publishing’s customer base,” said Delvinia President Steve Mast. “The new site provides greater choice in the ways customers can shop for products and lays the foundation for future growth by allowing customers to better self serve.”

Developed in collaboration with Affinity Systems, provides customers with easy access to more than 23,000 case studies in categories like finance, operations management and marketing. An express order section offers convenience to existing clients and a faceted search function allows for continual refinement of results based on a number of criteria. The design, anchored in customer insights, enables Ivey Publishing customers to self-serve, reducing the staff-to-customer ratio and allowing Ivey Publishing to grow in a scalable way.

Gregory Yantz, Associate Director of Ivey Publishing, applauded the approach to the project. “Delvinia’s collaborative approach created a great sense of ownership internally and a lot of pride in the outcome,” he said of the process. “It was clear from early on that Delvinia recognized our needs. The team also focused on our end customers’ needs and designed the site based on those needs.”

Since 2009, Delvinia has worked closely with the Richard Ivey School of Business in developing its overall online strategy and digital design, successfully launching the institution’s home page, Executive Development website and the Honors of Business Administration (HBA) website. In March 2011, the institution selected Delvinia as its preferred vendor for web development for the next three years. In addition to being selected as a preferred vendor, Delvinia continues to work with various stakeholders at Ivey.