Cup of Jo with Steve Mast: Disrupting the marketing landscape

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 10.14.39 AMDelvinia President Steve Mast was recently invited to sit down with St. Joseph Communications‘ Michael Chase for an interview as  part in their new video series, Cup of Jo.

Filmed over a cup of coffee at their suite of studios in Toronto, the interview focuses on how technology is disrupting the marketing industry and shaping its landscape.

Not only does this tie in with Steve’s passion for technology, coming from an architecture and game design background, but it also supports Delvinia’s strategy as a digital innovation company.

The conversation touched on many aspects, including what Steve views as the three big technologies that are shape shifters of the industry; automation, virtual reality and real-time data.

The interview went to talk about the evolution of marketing and what Steve views as the most under-utilized tool for marketers today.

“Analytics. I think people think they’re using it, but they’re not really using it. There’s still a lot of gut reaction that’s driving people’s decision-making versus it being data driven,” Steve said.

To watch the full interview, click here.