Could Internet Voting Impact Voter Turnout in Ontario?

For the election night coverage on Rogers TV Toronto, Goldhawk Live producer Dave Bradshaw interviewed Delvinia CEO Adam Froman for a segment about Internet voting and voter turnout.

Speaking in reference to Delvinia’s recent DIG report on eDemocracy and citizen engagement in the Town of Markham, Adam talked about the municipality’s success with Internet voting and pointed to the fact that Canadians are ready to embrace online voting.

“We did a poll of all Canadians and 80 per cent of them said if they had the option to vote online, they would,” Adam said, adding that the Town of Markham has been offering Internet voting as an option since 2003. “Everybody wants it, so what’s holding it back?”

Adam also reported that Markham hasn’t had any recognizable issues with Internet voting in the past three elections and said he foresees a future where Canadians are voting via their mobile devices.

Delvinia’s DIG report, released in September, provides a comprehensive review of Canadian attitudes toward Internet voting in Canada, demonstrates how Canadians are embracing digital technologies to interact with government and illustrates why Markham is the ideal pilot site for Internet voting in future federal and provincial elections. For more information, please visit