The Wall Street Journal – Canadian Online Subscription Acquisition Program

Engaging more Canadian customers online for news media giant

The Wall Street Journal – Canadian Online Subscription Acquisition Program

Though The Wall Street Journal had been available in the Canadian market already for years, their online subscriptions were lagging. The news media giant needed a Canadian agency to help them understand the nature of the landscape and the behaviours of local news readers and how to adapt its American-focused creative to the Canadian market.


Delvinia identified several key gaps in WSJ’s knowledge of the Canadian audience. These included what type of editorial content would be most relevant to them, what kind of creative would resonate with potential subscribers and where to best reach this hard-to-capture business audience.

Using AskingCanadians, our proprietary online research community, Delvinia conducted a survey with current and potential subscribers. By examining readership trends and the lifestyles of those in the target audience, we gained an understanding of the type of content Canadian readers are interested in. Among our discoveries we found that Canadian news consumers identify WSJ readers as being worldly, innovative and intelligent leaders. Moreover, thirty-five per cent of Canadian news consumers indicated an affinity for this exclusive group, viewing them as “like me”. As well, paying for content wasn’t a consideration with this audience, individuals who need to be in the know in order to gain a competitive edge.


Given these insights and our knowledge of their demanding lives, Delvinia recommended a focus on mobile as a means of reaching potential subscribers. Mobile content provides new readership moments and access to information wherever you happen to be—whether that’s at lunch, in a taxi, at the airport, or during the daily commute. Because that the target audience included executives and professionals who want the ability to follow the news at a time that is convenient for them, mobile as a platform was a good fit for the WSJ campaign.


The resulting acquisition campaign centred on a series of online and mobile ads highlighting the fact that the WSJ’s digital edition is a key source for breaking stories, insight on the market and the economy, and coverage of major global events critical for Canada’s business leaders.


Through our creative and targeted media placement, we tripled clickthrough rates from the previous campaign. And with our heavy focus on mobile ads, which resonated with the audience, we yielded a clickthrough rate 100 times more effective than the online media buy.