Richard Ivey School of Business – Ivey Publishing E-Commerce Site Redesign

Meeting growing demand for online course support

Richard Ivey School of Business – Ivey Publishing E-Commerce Site Redesign

Ivey Publishing, an extension of the Richard Ivey School of Business, is a world leader in business case production and distribution. Its website,, is its primary promotion and sales channel to its worldwide audience.

However, within the past few years, the majority of the organization’s business had transitioned from print to online, with 90 per cent of its customers opting for digital files. Unfortunately, the existing technology infrastructure wasn’t able to meet the growing demand.


To achieve Ivey Publishing’s objective, Delvinia conducted interviews with internal stakeholders and customers from around the world to better understand the needs, attitudes and behaviours of each group. Based on these insights, we developed customer profiles which shaped the website strategy and design activities. The profiles reflected the unique perspectives of faculty in established and emerging markets, support staff, and students. Each persona was distinguished by their needs, experience with case studies, and the priority they place on budget and convenience.


With the needs of users and the goal of increasing market share in mind, Delvinia then developed a design strategy to deliver a program that advocates Ivey’s case teaching method, is straightforward and convenient for users, helpful and responsive, and internationally focused.

Ease of use for all users was improved through a redesign of the navigation structure to support decision-making. The order and fulfillment process online was also streamlined to better satisfy the needs of faculty and support staff. And teaching and authoring advocacy tools were developed to support the use of cases, particularly in the emerging markets.


To ensure the successful design and implementation of a technology solution that would support Ivey Publishing’s growth and meet its user experience, Delvinia partnered with Affinity Systems on the development of the new e-commerce platform.

Together we engaged the end users throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure we were moving in the right direction. Adopting a customer-centric approach created a sense of ownership among Ivey Publishing’s customers and internal stakeholders.


By embracing the best-of-breed approaches in both the user experience and technology worlds, Ivey Publishing has developed a robust system that meets the needs of its internal and external stakeholders.

The redesigned site provides greater choice in the ways customers can shop for products, including an express order section and a faceted search function that allows for continual refinement of search results based on a number of criteria, such as product category and product type.


Richard Ivey School of Business selected Delvinia as the institution’s preferred vendor for web development for the next three years. In addition to being selected as a preferred vendor, Delvinia continues to work with various stakeholders at Ivey.

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