Manulife Financial | CAA Life Insurance – Website Redesign

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Manulife Financial | CAA Life Insurance – Website Redesign

The Situation

Manulife Financial asked us to assist its client, CAA, with the redesign of the brand’s life insurance website, the objective was clear: build product awareness and provide potential customers with relevant information that would lead to an insurance purchase.

The redesign of resulted in significant improvements in conversion, including a 33 per cent increase in the number of online applications and a 26 per cent increase in the number of quotes requested.

So, when Manulife and CAA decided to redesign the joint Life Insurance website at to improve conversion and customer experience, they once again enlisted Delvinia to design the digital experience.

The Solution

Delvinia applied its insights-driven, customer-centric approach by first going through a discovery phase. We uncovered the complexity of the customer purchase journey and found that customers require numerous visits to the site before making a decision. In between, there are numerous offline activities, including consultation of friends and family.

To aid the customer at each step of their purchase journey—from research, consideration, through to application—Delvinia recommended a series of tools and features such as a product comparison tool, a product selector, an insurance calculator, a click-to-chat feature linking the customer to a live insurance advisor, a save-and-share tool enabling customers to email or print data from needs assessment of quote applications, and applying clear call to action throughout the site.

In addition, Delvinia also worked with Manulife and CAA to optimize the copy, the meta content, and the website URL to ensure on-site search engine optimization.


As a result of Delvinia’s customer-centric and collaborative approach, we successfully helped Manulife and CAA design a site that addresses the needs of their customers at each step of their purchase journey.

The redesigned website launched in March 2012 with more enhancements to come. To see this project live, please visit