Canadian Blood Services – Operation LifeBlood

Converting more people to become active donors in campaign to give more blood

Canadian Blood Services – Operation LifeBlood

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) identified that a large percentage of the general public wanted to give blood but weren’t following through and donating. The charitable organization wanted to leverage the online channel to recruit these “intenders”, engage them in a dialogue and bridge the gap between intent and donation.


While most charitable organizations ask people to make a financial donation, CBS asks people to give of themselves. We realized the general public had misconceptions about giving blood that needed to be clarified for intenders to increase their likelihood to donate. In addition, we learned that current donors are great at moving ‘intenders’ to ‘donors’.


Based on the above insights, Delvinia determined that the best strategy was to create a personal, community-based communication program with those who had declared their intent to donate, building on their good intentions and encouraging them to follow through.

To bridge that gap, we created Operation LifeBlood, an online donor registry with a communication strategy intended to alleviate intenders’ concerns and educate them about the donation process. Through a series of emails sent to intenders, we addressed common questions and barriers to donating and included multiple calls to action.


The program initially ran as a 12-month pilot project in London, Ontario before being rolled out to other regions. When Operation LifeBlood was rolled out across the country, we added a social CRM program to the project by creating a dedicated community website with enhanced features that gave donors and intenders the opportunity to share stories and engage in discussions within an open forum.

The program achieved a conversion rate of 16 percent, exceeding the client’s original target of 10 percent. Other key email metrics included:

  • Less than one per cent unsubscribe rate
  • 53 per cent open rate (on average)
  • 17 per cent clickthrough rate (on average)
Canadian Blood Services – Operation LifeBlood