Let go of the wheel: How our relationship with the car could change forever

Autonomous Cars

At Delvinia we leverage digital technology to improve user experiences for our clients in industries ranging from healthcare to financial services to retail. At a recent workshop we focused on brainstorming solutions to improve the commuting experience. While teleportation and human-sized vacuum tubes were put forward as possible solutions, the sad reality is that the more »

A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words – Unlocking Data with Image Recognition


In the early part of the 20th century, the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” became popular as a way to describe the effectiveness graphics in advertising. A century later this statement is as true as ever, especially on social networks where the ongoing shift continues from text-based communication to photos, graphics, and more »

From desktop to wearables: Our deepening intimacy with data and technology


In recent years our relationship with computer technology has begun to evolve in a much more personal way. If we had to give that relationship a Facebook status, it could certainly be, “It’s complicated.” Young people growing up today will never know a time when ‘the’ computer was simply a more efficient tool for data more »

Is the Magic of Digital Technology Disappearing Right Before Our Eyes?


Welcome to the future. We may be short on flying cars, robot maids and moon bases, but nonetheless digital technologies have become part of (nearly) everyone’s daily lives. However, our everyday experiences with digital technologies are evolving to be less magical and more useful. What were once limited interactions with technology—such as using a bulky more »