Augmented Reality: The Application of Technology with Steve Mast

The immersive and engaging experience of trying on his first VR headset during his career as a video game designer in the mid ’90s is one that Delvinia President and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Mast can still recall.

At the time, the tech world thought VR was here to stay. And although it was quickly replaced by other emerging technologies then, it’s more than making a comeback today.

In Episode 4 of The Application of Technology, Steve talks about the rise of augmented and virtual reality in 2017. With Oculus Rift, HoloLens and Cardboard, organizations like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are betting big on AR and VR today.

And, companies like Wayfair and Lowe’s are applying these technologies to create immersive and engaging experiences for consumers, enabling their customers to engage with products through VR apps and design and visualization tools.

At Delvinia, our team is also exploring how we can apply VR to data collection through VR apps and 360 video, both of which have the potential to dramatically change the way brands collect data and understand consumer behaviour.