A Successful Launch with Environics Analytics and RBC Royal Bank

Kudos to Jan Kestle, Michael Weiss, Emily Anderson and the Environics Analytics’ team for putting on a top-notch breakfast event this morning to launch the partnership that connects Delvinia’s AskingCanadians™ Social Media Survey to PRIZMC2, Environics Analytics’ popular segmentation system.

More than 60 people attended the event—held at George Restaurant at the Verity Club—to hear how Environics Analytics has integrated the AskingCanadians™ Social Media Survey to all 66 PRIZMC2 segments.

Michael Weiss, Vice President of Marketing for Environics Analytics—and an accomplished author and guru on the subject of Geotargeting and segmentation—opened the event. Jan Kestle and I talked about how the partnership came together and I was able to share how Delvinia built these insight tools for our digital strategy and customer experience design group using AskingCanadians™, and now Environics is able to make this powerful profiling data valuable to their clients.

Bringing this together was Michel Savoie from RBC Royal Bank who talked about how RBC is using the AskingCanadians™ PRIZMC2Link to inform their social media strategy. It was great that Environics Analytics asked RBC Royal Bank to present because Delvinia has been working with RBC since 1999 (on over 300 digital projects.)  What brought the discussion full circle was when Michel presented a slide that described RBC’s experience with social media and he mentioned the fact that the first project that brought RBC into social media was RBC’s Next Great Innovator, which Delvinia worked on.

Seeing Michel acknowledge Delvinia’s role in helping RBC embrace social media was amazing—and added even more credibility to our partnership with Environics Analytics.