A New Award to Add to Our Collection

We received a new award to add to our collection this morning.

Delvinia’s DIY Markham campaign, created to raise awareness of the 2010 municipal election in the Town of Markham, has been recognized with an award for Best Government Online Video in the Web Marketing Association’s 2011 Internet Advertising Competition.

The social media awareness campaign, designed and implemented by Delvinia, was launched by the Town in September 2010. The campaign centred on the use of humorous online videos—distributed through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—to engage voters and increase awareness about the delivery of municipal services and the importance of voting at the local level.

The easy-to-share videos, which can be viewed on the DIY Markham page on YouTube, depict a world in which residents are responsible for their own municipal services—such as garbage removal and water treatment—and illustrate how, in the end, the easiest way to address these issues is to vote.